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Should I text him again?

Okay so I went on a date with a guy and we had a great time together! We have so much in common and I liked him a lot... after the date he texted me and told me he had a great time and he asked me if I enjoyed the date... I told him that I also had a great time and would love to do this again sometime... I waited 2 days and on the third I texted him to see how he's doing hoping he'll ask me out again but he didn't... no it's been exactly a week since our first date and he still haven't asked me out or even texted! What should I do? It's taking everything in me to not text him again because I don't wanna come off too clingy or aggressive but I really want to see him again! Should I text him or wait for him or just try and let it go?
Should I text him again?
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