How many guys try to have sex with a girl on the first date?

This may sound weird but do you sorta wish that the girl wouldn't put out on the first date?


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  • Most definately.

    Personally, I think girls who throw themselves at guys are a complete turn off.

    Part of the excitement of getting close to a girl is you know, getting the whole package.

    Go with out the extremely physical part of the relationship and really get to know her.

    It makes everything so much better instead of that cheap quick sexy time.

    .That's just my opinion though. :D


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  • I am probably different from most guys, but if a girl was willing to put out on the first date, I would tell her to wait or if she was still pushy I would break it off. Sex is something I want to save until at least there is a chance of a spark to grow. I would want to at least wait a month or two.

  • Yes. The person that has sex on the first date screams "ONE NIGHT STAND!" Not exactly what I am looking for right now at this stage in my life.

  • if I like a girl I would tell her that she has to wait


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