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We had our first fight today?

My boyfriend of nearly a year and I had our first “official” fight as you would say... I’m not sure if it’s normal or if what we argued about was normal. It started off by me being in a piss ass mood for god knows why and his siblings and cousin were over visiting. I was perfectly fine and was just annoyed and wanted to be left alone (which I could have said that.. my fault) leading to him making a comment about how I didn’t act like “myself” and I was in a bad mood and at that point I lost it and messed up the puzzle I had been working on... very childish I know. Which then lead to him coming out and throwing a fit and then turned into “why are we together we should just breakup” and blah blah blah. We ended up making up about two hours and looking back I can’t help but think if this fight was even a real fight or me just being an asshole... what do couples actually fight about? Was our fight unhealthy?
We had our first fight today?
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