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Should I break up? What should I do?

Our rs was okay. She said that no matter what happen, lets fix things or work things out..
Something happen and I did something for her, and in a way, is on great lengths. Where she knows I'm at the lowest of low in my life rn. Why, cos I love her.

Well after a day, when she could do something small, for me, regarding what happen.. before she even tried she wanted to gave up... then fine still

Whatever it was, both of us knew that I had the right to be mad, pissed, sad, annoyed etc all. And I still didn't. I just rant and told her off that which does she think is right or wrong etc and all my viewpoints. I did not ignore her nor I was angry and scolded her. I never did get mad at her throughout the relationship or scold her.

Even though I had the rights, I didn't. And after I gave my last viewpoint, she legit went silent. No replies. Nothing. Silence for erm 5 days already. Like seriously? What gives?

I do love her. Really. But after this "silent treatment" thing, I'm like my feeling is not there anymore. I did things for you and she's gonna be this way? What should I do?
Should I break up? What should I do?
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