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Why do guys never approach or talk to me?

I'm 25 and sick of being single. I don't know how to get a boyfriend though, because men literally never talk to me. And before you say "Approach them instead!" Believe me... I've tried. It doesn't work - most of them are stuck up and dismissive even when you try a simple hello. But hey, that's men for ya. Plus, my past relationships (where the guy really liked me) all started with him taking the initiative. People tell me I'm pretty or attractive a lot, but I don't really know how true this is, since men just don't care or notice. General description: 5'8", 130lbs, natural blonde hair (wavy in texture), clear pale skin, green eyes, nice teeth, long legs, 32D boobs, small butt (I've never had much of a butt). I have a lot of interests I enjoy - primarily running, cooking, nonfiction reading (history, world events, culture, politics), and learning new languages. But these interests are more solitary rather than social, and I know that I'll just be ignored if I go to a meetup or event. How do other girls get guys to come and talk to them? I'm starting to feel really helpless.
Why do guys never approach or talk to me?
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