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Why don't conservative, sexist men love Gold Diggers?

This has always perplexed me. The same group of men who believe women's natural role in submissive, that they should be focused on husband and children over career, that younger women are more beautiful and more valuable and they don't want to date older women even if they are older, that women are inferior in terms of any ability that isn't focused on home and family, that women shouldn't focus on building their careers and their own wealth...

... these are often the same men who cry about gold diggers. They view gold diggers as yet another reason to resent women or be wary, but logic is useful in the world people. The logical conclusion of their mentality and vision for women leans strongly toward gold digging. If a woman should be most dependent on men, especially older, more successful men with more money, wouldn't her most intelligent option be someone wealthy? And to use her youthful beauty to attract the best financial prospect?

Men in the past knew this. They knew that their sexism meant they needed to be successful and wealthy and be the best care giver and that was their natural role.

My message is that if you believe women should be viewed as most suited to this narrow parameter, you need to also understand what your worth is in this paradigm as well. If her worth is youth, beauty, and care taking, your worth is your money and what you can provide her. She has no obligation to settle for broke men or men who can't provide a comfortable life. She should definitely be aiming for the best financial prospect in addition to some degree of affection in this system.

How on earth does this make sense to resent gold diggers, if you view women this way? Let's exercise that "superior male logic" and ask how this makes sense. Gold diggers should be your best friends. Young, beautiful women who want older, wealthier men and may forgo career to take care of family. That's your dream, remember?

Let's discuss this :)
Why don't conservative, sexist men love Gold Diggers?
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