Text spam girl on girl possibility?

Hey All:

so never done the girl on girl thing before and wondering if things are heading it that direction.so what do you all think?

colleague has been flirting with me for a while.i mean months.and it's been mutual maybe or I guess .

so the apex hits the other day when she called me and said "don't I need to show you something".

so I waited until she showed up and what did she show me? one of those text messages that says "i don't know if you're interested, I think you might be so if you are xyz.".and she asked me if I sent it to her.which I didn't and would never do that. I think it must have been spam or else a really great strategy she faked.

anyway, I thought I was going to die right there so I just said no I didn't.couldn't make eye contact.she punched me really hard in the arm and left.

so I emailed her later "do you really think I'm that much of a coward? if I wanted to confront you that way, why not just do it? I don't need anonymous services".

she apologized, we haven't talked about it since but it's stayed casual and awesome since then.

i mean I'm freaking out. does it sound like a go to you all or would someone seriously just ask me that for why?


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  • kinda confusing on what your asking

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