For the Men: What kind of woman do you like to have?

body wise (to see naked)

face wise (is she OK looking or gorgeous)

personality (funny, sweet, sensitive, outgoing, crazy... you name it)

music (there's all sorts)

dress (classy or everyday material)

piercing and tattoos (yes or no)

career wise where should she be at?

in the bedroom, how would you like her to be?

anything else you can think of go ahead and add it!


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  • BODY: I like slim to normal hight 5.5-5.8 because I'm Russian and most Russian girls are like that, basically this is what I got used to see and have in Russia ( 1 G.F. I had for 4 years ), in America it is different. Sweet and openhearted and normally outgoing ( not everyday or every F,S&S, is a MUST or Requirement, when ever we will feel like going out we will, you know ). FACE: I like cute girls with a baby faces :) ( because I have a baby face too lol though 24 years old) CLOTHE: Depends entirely on her, what ever she feels like wearing and WHEN to make her body look feminan. Hate tattoos ( looks like low class ) piercings cool. Smart is a must, one head is good two heads is great, it gives better and longer relationship( FACT ) been there not anymore though lol in America now. SEX: Depends on the mood, not going to lie. Sometime I Really like a girl who can and is taking a FULL advantage of me ( what ever she commands, desires and wishes I'm doing it NO questions asked ) basically she is my BIG BOSS and I'm an intern :) but sometimes I like to take a FUUULL advantage of her, I'm the BOSS and she is my secretary :)) and of course, sometimes I would like to make a real love you know, where you really connect and have a real intimate love and feel each other not only physically but mentally and spiritually. What I told you is what I had back in Russia, you asked a wonderful question it was my pleasure answering it brought me back good memories thank you.


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  • Body wise what matters is a waist-to-hip ratio (a reasonably slim waist above a feminine plump booty). It does not have to be anything extreme AT ALL, just no "muffin top" above your jeans please. Exercise and be height/weight proportionate / maintain proper weight.

    Legs - narrow ankles, well developed calves, cute and cared for toes that haven't been tortured by too-small shoes.

    Boobs: natural, medium size. Nice round areolae, or at least the same size/shape on both boobs.

    Career: one she loves and feels fulfilled. I haven't met a girl who was doing her job for the money and HATING it and it not reflecting negatively on how she is outside that work. Men sometimes can leave their high paying sh*t job in the business district, girls tend to burden everyone around them with how sh*t their job is, so avoid that.

    Piercing and tattoos: NONE (unless it's my name somewhere discreet and sexual after we get married, that she INSISTS she wants).

    Dress: should wear a WIDE range of whatever is age and figure appropriate. Being a photographer my career forced me to develop a reasonably keen taste and it is sometimes a burden if a girl has a lesser taste than me and isn't willing to take my input. I'd love a girl to wear something sporty yet sexy some days, and super-slutty other days (esp. when on a vacation / trip together), and simple yet very classy a lot of the time.

    Face: good skin. I'll take a girl who wears no makeup most of the time and cares for her skin any day over a girl whose skin is tortured by constant makeup, tanning, gimmick creams etc. Nice well cared for teeth, facial symmetry (photographer talking again :-)

    Personality: honesty to a fault, curiosity, being cultured and willing to learn new things.

    Bedroom: gosh where do I begin? Be my accomplice.



  • Hmm guess I'm first.. so here goes...

    Body-wise... I think I like them just in the middle... not fat but not really thin either...

    so somewhere in the middle but kinda closer.. (just a bit) to thin...

    Face-wise it depends on your definition of gorgeous... but for me it's pretty important for my eyes to not hurt when looking at her. She has to be at leat likeable I dunno. For me the face being cute is a lot more important than the body. And of course there's not much a girl can change there so ..

    moving on...


    I've dated al sorts of girls but the best ones are those that are a little bit of everything . Each at it's right time.

    music: has to be tolerable for me... I like anything that's good and not mainstream but I don't dislike a song if it is mainstream.

    ...tralala ...

    Dress I like girls who dress casual... not really a fan of the high heels classy act.

    i don't mind pierceings or tatoos ...

    as long as she's not a bum it's all good ( here's me hoping I will earn enough for both)

    Ahh the bedroom:

    My ideal girl is submisive most of the time.. doing everything she can to please me.

    That in turn makes me wanna do everything I can for her...

    So I like it if she initiates the deed and if she goes along with everything I say after that.

    The sheer thought of her wanting to please me with no regard to herself makes me want to please her even more... even before she's done pleasing me...

    Advice to grils with somewhat sensitive boyfriends: give and you shall get back more ;)

    One last thing : she has to not be dumb...

    i've had a few girls that were most of what I described ( fun, spontaneus , good in bed) but at the same time kinda dumb ( in a stereotypical blond kinda way) and it just get's boring and tiresome after a while to not be able to strike up a decent conversation...

  • I'd like her body to be curvy, like scarlet johanson.

    Id like her too have dark hair and maybe dark green eyes, that's mysterious (;

    Music is kinda important. if she doesn't know who the smiths are I don't think we could work..

    I only like tattoos and piercing that fit someones personality... so it really depends

    for a career it dosen't matter, but I want her to be passionate about what she does! I love a hard working women who works hard for herself!

    In the bedroom, I want adventurous! I like a passionate lover, who lets me take control (=

    she can take control sometimes, but honestly I like too lead (=

    I would like her too be open minded and kind hearted as well.

  • nice boobs with nice nips, and nice body that has a little bit of workout in it, nice butt

    I want the face to be OK looking

    personality: sweet, and sensitive

    Music Idc, if she could like the stuff on my ipod that's cool

    dress: classy

    piercing and tattoo's: If the tattoo is small and symmetrical yes

    Career: Has at least a master's degree, still going to school for phd

    bedroom: be herself, and want, to do foreplay. no restraints on time.

    i think that's it, I expect this if I'm looking to like someone, otherwise you don't exist.

  • I love skinnier girls, with really good muscle to fat tone... but above all the most important to me is how pretty the face is I would say... One thing that I think girls don't really think about it how attractive funny girls can be. I love a girl with an awesome sense of humor!

    class, I prefer more high maitenance type I guess. I like a girl that worrys about her looks and I can remind her of how gorgeous she is everyday haha... not a big fan of the whole athetic type female.

    Career I don't really care to much, and in the bedroom grabbbing and feeling! hahah

  • Virgin, conservative morals and must be no taller than 5'6'' and at least better looking than average


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