Not enough time to spend with me!

I was going to have my girlfriend come to my house a few days ago and since it's a long distance relationship I called to figure out an arrangement to pick her up but she said that she wasn't going to come and then she told me that her mom yelled at her because she was supposedly making me her whole world and she wasn't getting any of her stuff done so that she could come spend time with me which isn't the case because I told her that if she needed to get something done, do it and I'll understand but then it got on the whole subject that she couldn't handle it and she didn't know if she could deal with having to balance riding horses spending time with me and also spending time with her parents. What should I do to help?


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  • Hmmm,... she said that her parents were mad that she was making you her whole world, and then she said that she wants to split because she can't handle everything,.. that is saying to completely different things.

    I hate to say it, but it sounds like she was wanting to move on and was just looking for an easy way to say it by blaming her parents.

    Hopefully I am wrong, but if I am, then you showing up and trying to solve her problems won't make things better if here parents are putting so much pressure on her. Just ask her what you can do to help, and also just let her know that you are there for her. Some things people have to work through on their own.

    I wish you the best.


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  • Its as simple as trying to make arrangements to go and hang out at her house. that's the only way I could see it working out.