Dating Multiple Women At The Same Time?

I have been talking to a girl for the past few weeks. Due to schedules, we haven't got the chance to meet yet, but it's obvious we get along really well and are at least interested to see where it goes. We are going on a first date tonight.

Today, my friend wants to set me up on a date with another girl.

Do I go on both dates or do I wait until I find out if the first one is going anywhere? I usually focus on one person at a time, but the timing this time is bad to do that I guess.


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  • Um dating them both at the same time isn't really fair.If you plan on being in a monogamous relationship, at least wait to see where it goes with the first girl.You probably wouldn't like it if she went on dates with other people while interested in you too,even if it didn't get serious yet.


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