What do you girls think would be the perfect kiss?

so I really like this girl and she likes me to and I want to take it to the next level.so what would you say is the perfect kiss?


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  • heres a few random things ... *don't over think it, act on instinct.

    - DON'T RUSH! It should 'build up' in intensity.

    - do NOT lick your lips when your moving in, and don't be sloppy - she shouldn't have to wipe her mouth when its all over.

    - don't breathe too heavily into her mouth/on her face.

    - no surprise attacks, that's not saying that it wouldn't be hot for you to push her up against a wall and SLOWLY - so if she chooses, she has time to pull away (also goes along with that whole building anticipation thing)- lean down and kiss her.

    - if your going to hold her, do it gently . don't grab her face in a vise grip.

    (a soft trail with your fingertips down her neck and across her collarbone is always yummy)

    - and with your tongue ... keep it in your own mouth until you get a feel for each others lips, don't go right for it, start with soft strokes and work your way inside.

    - remember its always safe to take the lead. basically with a first kiss - TAKE the lead. if she wanted to take over, she would.

    If yea follow all that, u'll have no problems.

    and the end result would be a perfect kiss ;D

    • I completely agree with this! I love it when the guy strokes my face softly when he kisses me :)

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  • well, depends on how far you've gotten so far. have you ever kissed her on the cheek? if you haven't then start with that before. we don't like to be surprised with our kisses on the lips (on the first time only! after that it's good because spontaneous!). I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek first and he was surprised and happy, but got flustered and was at loss for words (to which his next words came out were 'make sure you eat and drink plenty of fluids'((ahaha I tease him with that a lot now when it comes up...its a fond memory of ours)) because I was making an excuse that I wasn't feeling well so he'd walk me to my car and I'd give a him a cheek kiss before I left). but if he were to had done that first kiss, I'd have liked it on the cheek first. no girl would mind that if she likes u. she'll be comfortable after that if you lean in for a lip kiss the next time/date you feel like kissing her...or even in at the same time if she's ready. good luck :)

  • Everyone kissed differently...and to me, it's part of the process of learning about someone...you better keep with what you usually do, cause if you do move forward, she'll expect YOUR kiss.

  • To be it would be, were alone and we don't have to worry about anybody walking in on us. See good music is playing. Slow. And we talk about everything, and he stares in to my eyes and goes into a kiss, gently at first and it gets more passion and we are touching and everything.

  • The perfect kiss is not about the physical techniques.

    A kiss would be perfect to me if it were the lips of the one I really love.


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  • Well that's easy, any one where she doesn't rear back and say "what are you doing?" lol.

    Don't try to be perfect. Just go with the flow. If you've been hanging out for a while and all conversation just stops and she's just sitting there staring at you then it's time.

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