Dating tips for a fun first date?

So I have a date tomorrow...the girl I'm going with is funny and easy going. I know it sounds strange but we are going paint balling as a first date =D she's really excited for it but I need tips. good ones! any help? Id really like to get the second date you know? Thanks all!


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  • Smiles, sounds like a fun first date. Make the day about her. Try not to talk about your self more then her, make sure she knows your interested in who she is, Is she having a good time, is she hungry, ask her what she likes to do for fun, compliments are always nice, make her feel comfortable, make sure she really wants to play when you get there ^^ I know a lot of people make me nervous :) Hope it goes GREAT

    • Thanks for being the only one who took the time to answer. very helpful :) Thanks alot!

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