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RelationShip /Dating Help?

there's this girl i like, we met online and i think she likes me, and she knows i find her attractive but hasn't definitely turned me down or friend zoned me. It would be LDR but i would honnestly do whatever i could to make it work, we have similar time zones so it would certainly help. We talk almost every day between our normal responsibilitys and i think there's chemistry between us.

Yesterday she showed half her face without makeup (for the first time) and honestly i thought she was absolutely stunnng , i was legitimately in Aw. I complimented on her photo but she insisted she looked ugly becuse she didn't have her make up on, i also insisted she looked amazing and any who says other wise wouldn't know true beauty if it slapped them in the face. After that she was quiet for a bit and didn't message , but then she sent another photo of her showing more of her face without make up and i noticed she had teary eyes? , im not sure if it was me complimenting her or what? She changed the subject when i asked about it.

After a bit i asked if she had a boyfriend or partner and she said no then asked me the same and well obviously i dont. Since then her texts have changed but i can't really explain it , is this the sign she likes me? Or is interested?

Any help in reguards on what to say to ask her directly or how i can find out subtely (not sure how to spell that one)
RelationShip /Dating Help?
RelationShip /Dating Help?
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