Do you have a particular age range for dating?

If so, what is it and why?


I know it's common for guys to date younger girls, but why would a guy that is 23-24, talk to/be interested in, (maybe even date), girls that are 17-18 years old?


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  • Well I'm already seeing someone but my age range would always have to be around my current age zone or slightly lower.

    Lower because I strive to feel a little better than my partner so I have something to bring to the table. For example, I would be 25 and the girl I would choose to date could range from 18-25 as well. Hopefully by the time I'm 25 I'll have a car, a decent job and a complete education, so I won't feel like a failure next to the girl I pick, in case she has that as well. If she's still slightly younger than me there is a chance she won't have advanced as much in life, and I'll always be sort of useful or have at least one good thing about me to her, I suppose.

    I don't know what that makes me sound like. Selfish, Arrogant, Low self-esteemed?

    But yeah. I would date around my age range, or slightly lower, as mentioned.

    If that answers your question. :)


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  • I am 21 and would date any girl from 18-24. Older girls want to settle down and have babies while the young want to have fun. Also the younger girls have better bodies.

  • Not in particular, but generally I date people close to my age. A 23yo dating a 17-18yo is pretty normal so I wouldn't be worried about it if that's you and there's a 23 yo guy you like.


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