I want to ask out and confess my feelings to an old friend from high school but have never dated before, HELP!!

I really like this girl and want to ask her out but have never dated or even had any experience with women be4 unless count my very recent and amateur attempts at flirting and at my age that's weird. (26yo) She hasn't replied to it yet but I've sent her a message via facebook asking her to meet me, where I hope to ask her out (I'm hoping she just hasn't checked her facebook yet, we are good enough friends that I don't think she would turn me down without first giving me some reply), and maybe tell her how I feel about her (thou I'm not sure if I should tell her my feelings, some people say I should some say its a mistake so early) even if she does go out with me I don't think it will be as anything more than as friends and I don't know how to change that.

On a side note she is amazing, won't go into details but the main thing is she is highly social whereas I am only just beginning to come out of my shell socially so to speak (I suffer a mild form of Asperger syndrome and have only recently began to take risks and reach out to people) I know its a long shot that she will like me too but I've liked this girl for years and want to at least let her know how I feel about her.

Ideally I need advice from a woman's perspective however anyone's advice at all will be appreciated.

thank you.

seems to be a moot point now, I could be wrong but when she saw my message asking her to meet me so we could talk it seems she blocked me from contacting her or changed her facebook name or somthing, maybe my message came across a little to strong T.T


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  • Dont tell her how you feel just yet.. Wait till you see what stage she is in her life and if she wants a relationship at the moment. You'll come ob sting if you just tell her you really like her on the first get together

    • thx for the advice, ill think about it.

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