Nervous about first prom

Going to first prom I'm a junior and home schooled I'm asking a girl that goes to public school I know she'll say yes but I'm still pretty nervous.


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  • just be confident,dont be nervous or act like you're not really sure about going with her because she may like to go but be scared and say no

    also don't be too excited like some little kid (she need to realize that you have other options, but of course you are not going to say to her .. listen, I got other options if you reject me - she must feel like she's the one)

    that is really simple,there aren't rules, I just gave you some advices you may use and if you know that she likes you you don't have to worry, girls are also nervous,maybe more than you guys


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  • Don't be nervous everyone useally is..just hang out with her and her friends and make some while your there.


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  • What kind of advice are you looking for? (you gave more of a statement)

    If you are wondering if you are going to have a good time, I can almost guarantee you will ( have been to six my entire high school career and had a good time at every single one). Be polite, friendly, and a complete gentleman for the entire night. Also keep in mind that you will probably never see 99% of those people ever again, so don't care what the think of you and enjoy the night with your date.

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