Was it wrong to kiss him???

This is a previous issue I've had with an ex and I'm still curious if I was in the wrong.. basically I met him while he was up visiting his old college for the weekend, where I was going to school at the time. I met him at a bar and after that weekend we kept on talking because we had met and and had a good time.

The first week we started talking over the phone (not dating or anything close we just met), and we discussed that we liked eachother.

I went out one night with my girlfriends that week and ended up kissing a guy I was friends with. I was drunk and called my ex (remember we just started talking at this time) and he asked me if I kissed anyone that night and I said no because we just met and I didn't feel I had to tell him anything and I was afraid I was going to lose him at hello so I said no I didn't kiss anyone..

after we started dating a month later he asked me again, did you kiss anyone that night, and we were in person so I started laughing because I was nervous and said yes I did. after that he was screaming at me and the trust was out the window from the start.

but I told him we weren't in a relationship at the time so I could do whatever I wanted, but his reason was we established that we had feelings for each other so you should never have done that...

who was in the wrong?


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  • Hi.

    I understand both of how you are feeling. Being a guy I know how it feels when a girl you really like kisses someone else, its just a kiss right? But you feel so mad and disappointed inside. Maybe in time he will be good again, but it takes pretty hard to a guy to get this disappointed.

    As you say you wasn't in a relationship at the time you kissed the guy but in that time the other guy already had strong feelings for you..

    I don't think this should be about who was wrong or right, but just admitting to yourself that you maybe did something stupid. And if you come to that conclusion I think you should tell this too him.

    I hope you can use this answer, and if you would be so kind to take a look at my questions I would appreciate it!

    I wish you the best.

  • You should have lied, Next time remember guys despise our tough appearance we take this kinda behavior really serious and maybe he'll forget about it but the best thing you can do its somehow make it up to him.

    Prolly keep this silly secrets for ya because this is how you ruin a relationship. Not everything has to be clear as water. Good luck


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