Is it shady to hang out with a guy friend when you have a boyfriend?

Okay, so this guy I'm friends with who I graduated with from high school. we werent friends in high school but we became acquaintences after we walked at graduation together. however, we hadn't talked since this january when he fb chatted me. I go to a community college near our hometown and he goes to a school about 2 hrs away so we don't ever hang. well, he's home for spring break and wants to hang out except I don't know his friends and he Doesn't think he's havin another party...he had one last night but I already had plans with the boyfriend. anways, he asked if I wanted to hang out just us and do whatever. I do not think he wants to be my new bf...i just think he's a nice guy and thinks I'm cool and wants to be my friend. I told my boyfriend he wanted to hang out and his response was that that would be shady and disrespectful...what is your opinion? I love my boyfriend but there is something I like bout this guy but I just wanna be his friend Because I love my boyfriend. I get nervous I would cheat on him...idk why I just don't trust myself at all! I'm so confused. lol.

also, just adding that I don't think I would cheat on my boyfriend with this guy . that was more of a general comment...just so ya kno!


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  • wow... your in a bit of a dilemma,

    if you think you might cheat. THEN DONT SEE HIM... nothing hurts more.

    another option could be to just have a cup of coffee with him, But have your boyfriend wait in the car or something. THat way, you can hang out. He will know your not doing anything that bad. and the new guy can talk..

    • haha, ya I wanna just hang me and him. but I really don't know how the kid feels bout me (although I am almost positive he just wants to be a friend) and I would prob feel guilty the whole time because of the boyfriend. idk, when it comes to this stuff it sucks bein in a relationship...its hard to go to parties w/o your boyfriend/girlfriend and not feel bad or to hang with a friend of the opposite sex...cuz if I was single I would prob be seein this kid a few times this week. idk, its complicated.

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  • well if your boyfreind has doubts just explain to him there's nothing going on there's nothing wrong with having a guy freind nothing wrong at all but if he does try to get with youtand I mean IF just put him in his place

    • haha, he prob will which is why I prob won't hang with him. lol. he originally said to just not tell my boyfriend we are hangin out and lie bout where I am so clearly wants to hang w me pretty bad lol.

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  • If he thinks it's shady and disrespectful, don't do it.

    The fact that he considered it disrespectful means if you go ahead and do it anyway, you ARE disrespecting him.

    Why not invite him along?

    I think you need to evaluate your heart and your personality if you "don't think" you would cheat.

    You should know without a doubt that you could never do such a horrible thing.


    • i didn't mean my comment that way...i wouldn't cheat on him I just don't kno if I want him to be my guy, what I meant more so is that I don't wanna push people away because of him when he prob won't be around forever.