Is he just playing me?

There's a guy who randomly messaged me on facebook, and we started texting a lot, like every single day. We've never talked in person but we're in the same grade, and are gonna be in the same class next term. He's known as a big flirt, but he says he's not like that anymore and his real friends know that, and people have been starting to say he's not really flirting anymore. When we first started texting he flirted very heavily, and I flirted back. But he would say "this could be a good friendship:)" and I asked him if he ALWAYS called people hun, and he said yes but other stuff like beautiful he only called me.. He also said once "Youre awesome:) The flirting Doesn't bother you, does it?" and I said no as long as he meant it and he said he did.We were also trying to find each other in our school but we never can. And he said when he found me he was gonna hug me "or you're gonna get hurt;)" I also asked him why he texted me a lot and he said

because you're fun:) I don't text a lot or flirt that much but with you whom I hope to befriend:)"

Now why would he flirt with me if he just wanted to befriend me?

The past two weeks he's slowly stopped flirting as much, and we just talk about random stuff, but we always keep up a good conversation. We can talk about almost anything and have lots in common. I was with my friends last weekend and I told him that if I said anything funny or weird, it was probably my friends who were messing with him cause they think I like him, and he just replied "haha mmmkay" and then I said I had to go to bed. He waited three days to text me again and I told him I was sick, and he got all protective telling me not to go to school and just get better. But then he didn't text me for two days (That may not seem like a lot but we used to text nonstop) and I texted him, then we talked for a couple hours but then he randomly stopped talking.

Is he just using me as a boredom buster or is he actually interested?

Also he's moving an hour away this summer...


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  • was he just playing?