Mentioning a fetish when dating?

Hi, I'm currently single and semi-looking for a girlfriend (by semi I mean I would like one if something developed or a girl came my way, but I'm not trying to chase after girls till I get a change in job/living situation).

My question is though, at what point in getting to know a girl, whether it be through a dating site (which I'm on) or meeting someone in a bar/club, is it the right time to bring up a fetish? Basically I find girls in high heels a huge turn on, and while I personally think its harmless and not asking much at all, unfortunately I've found from talking to friends etc that although some girls are also into it and find them sexy, others don't see the appeal and it would actually put them off a guy because he is "weird".

It took me nearly a year to tell my ex about it because I didn't want to scare her off. One girl I briefly dated last year had no problem telling me she had an obsession with the things and had loads of them, which I took to mean that if I had told her about my fetish she would probably have been up for it, or possibly even had the same opinion on it as me. But like I say, not everyone is into it, and I'm wondering when would be the best time to bring it up. Mention it too early and I look like I'm only after 1 thing or obsesed with it, but leave it too long and it might be too late to bring it up.


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  • You can casually mention "i like girls in high heels" during early stages of dating. Then slowly open up more about it. Most girls like wearing high heels anyway ;)

    • Oh I know some of them do, I've had pretty open conversations with a couple friends who said they love them, particularly in the bedroom etc, but like I said, I've also had conversations with girls who have said they actually don't really like wearing them

    • Then you could say something like "Nice shoes. I like these flats, but how come you don't wear high heels? I think they will also look very nice on you" :)

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