Why won't he call me anymore?

I have dated this guy on and off for 6 years now. We have been through a lot of crazy things together, I have hurt him and he has hurt me.. He has made other girls his girlfriend, but never me. 2 weeks ago or so, I called him(3months ago we ended the relationship verrry badly) and he answered and spoke for an hour, great convo. After hanging up the phone he was in front of my house and ask if I would come out for a bit. That night he proposed that we forget everything that has happened in the past and take things nice and slow(I have a boyfriend now) he also said if we get serious you got to drop your boyfriend. Since that day he has been called and texting me. But the past two weekends he hasn't called. For example, the Wed that just past. We went out for ice cream, great night, but now its Sunday and I haven't heard from him, I did call Thursday, no answer or text back. I love him, and I know he loves me too.. But I don't understand why initiate something and now not call me anymore. by the way a week ago, we meet up and had sex, I just couldn't help it, but after that night he called 4 days later... I feel he just gets scared and backs out, I know he wants to be with me but I feel like there is something stopping him. What the hack is going on?


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  • why hasint he called me anymoem?

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