If a potential date tells you he/she only dates people with the same religious beliefs & lifestyle?

Let's say there are 2 people who are really attracted to each other and have great chemistry. A guy asks the girl out to date, and the girl seems hesitant... even though she admits she is into him. Then she tells him, "If we date, I need you to accept the fact that church is part of me and I would want you to come to church with me..." Guys, what would you do? Especially if you're not very much into church. It seems a shame to not actually try it out since there's obvious attraction.


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  • I'm pretty serious about religion too...so I wouldn't change my beliefs, even if I really liked you.

    I would be willing to check out your church, but I'd have to decide whether I like it or not independently of whether I like you.

    If a guy is too willing to go to your church and especially change his religion just because of you, then you probably shouldn't take him too seriously.

    Also, I think it'd be best to wait until the 3rd date before you spring this on a guy. You can tell him that church is very important to you from the beginning, but wait until you get to know him a little better before you give him an ultimatum.

    I know it's an important criteria for you, so you probably don't want to waste your time with guys who won't try to like your church, but you're more likely to get a positive response if the guy doesn't feel pressured from the very beginning. Just my thoughts at least.

  • Hmm well a lot of people have their own personal belief system. It is sort of like telling a religious person to see things from their point of view that may be against their religious beliefs you know what I mean? I've liked a girl who was very religious before but she always wanted me to "see" things from her point of view when it came to religious beliefs. I have strong convictions in what I believe in just like a religious person would. I respect that. I would rather have the two people in the relationship accept that they are different and not try to change the others philosophical or religious beliefs.

    That is just my opinion though.


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