What does it mean if a guy tells his friends he kissed you and how he stood you up?

hi there.

need help.. :( I asked a question before that there was the guy in my workplace told me he liked me but stood me up but recently we had a wee kissing at workplace, fr your info he works with me. and he told his work mate about the kiss we had and about how he stood me up. he is a leo man.. should I ignore him and play hard to get or just tell him how I feel Because I really like him. I mean he did pour his heart out and then stood me up and then we kissed Because I like him but I just found he has been bragging about it. being a leo man he has a big mouth anyways Because he told at work place he liked me that's how I found out he likes me and the rest happened.. pls help really confused..


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  • This guy sounds like a jerk.

    A. He stood you up. Not cool. Strike one.

    B. He then kissed you after standing you up. Why stand somebody up if you like them? Or why kiss them if you're not interested enough to follow through on your date. Sounds like a game player. Strike two.

    C. He then bragged about standing you up! Not cool... strike three.

    Forget about him and find someone who doesn't play games and wouldn't brag about doing something so callous.

    • hey thank you.. that was very direct and got me my senses.. your right.. I deserve better.. xx

    • You're quite welcome, best of luck to you! :)

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