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Is this guy just using me for sex?

Long story short, this guy is a year above me at college, (he lives in the dorm, I live at my aunt’s since I’m out of state). We’ve been going out for 7-8 months, and he seemed very interested in a serious relationship in the beginning but now is withdrawing. On the one hand, he said I love you first, tells me I’m his best friend, that he would move back to my home state with me. He used to wine and dine me with expensive dinners and gifts.

On the other hand, we’ve never actually had the talk, and I don’t assume we’re exclusive. We didn’t have sex till 4-5 months of dating, and since then, that’s like the center of our relationship. All our conversations our sexual, we spend more time hooking up than anything else, the gifts and dates have started evaporating. While he insists on picking me up from my home, he’s refused to meet my aunt and cousins three times now.

Recently, I put my foot down, and didn’t send him sexual photos when he asked and no longer drop by his place. He’s been getting colder and colder since then. Am I reading too much into this? Or is he only after one thing?
Is this guy just using me for sex?
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