Do you guys like girls that text them first sometimes? like he texted me first yesterday

WE exchanged phone numbers he asked for mine actually gave me his phone and let me put it in and then I used his phone to call mine. We had to run this was in the morning when we overslept and he was late to a meeting so I had to go to. the same day he texts me at about 8pm I didn't get check my phone till 9 I texted him back and we texted till 12 am the he said he was going to bed he said goodnight I said goodnight and know I don't know if I should text him first I can totally tell he is interested but don't guys like to know the girl they like is thinking about them

i texted him and he texted me right back


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  • I like it when a girl texts me first. Shows she's interested and not self-absorbed.

    • thats nice to know thanks quadrophonic84

  • Text him first, he will love you for it.

    • thanks wallaber I feel that he loves it !

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