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Is having a crush an immature thing?

It makes me laugh when I see a full-grown 25 year-old man having a crush on a coworker or something, like dude, highschool is over, you're not an emotional teenager anymore.

In my honest opinion, having a crush definitely is an immature thing, for two main reasons:

1- When a person has a mature mind, they work on themselves and evolve to the point they're happy with what they are, they know their worth and fall in love with themselves, they will have full confidence to ask their love interest out and see where it goes from there, if it fails, they think to themselves "it's their loss, they missed a great partner" or "we're too different anyway now that I think of it" and they shrug it off easily, not a love interest anymore because their time is valuable, next!
(Which is why it's important to love yourself before loving someone else)

2- Mature people tend to think more logically, even when it comes to emotions, they can control them well by looking beyond the emotional field into the logical one to slowly eliminate any negativity that comes to mind, so they'd eliminate the feelings of weakness and fear then propose to their love interest, if it doesn't work, they eliminate the negative feelings of rejection, eliminate any further feelings for their crush because logical thinking, and they shrug it off as well, NEXT!

And if they can't crush on someone because of other reasons (religion, commitement, etc) they think logically and know it isn't possible, or they weigh the losses and gains to know what to do, or they use that restrictive time to work on themselves, then finally and most importantly, get over it.

A strategic mind which isn't so held back by emotion and can have strategic thinking to decrease any losses of valuable resources is a fully mature mind.
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Is having a crush an immature thing?
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