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Is it wrong to date his son?

He’s 44 Me and him talked for 1.5 years it was only sex he just used me so I was never anything to him. We were never ex’s to me since he didn’t claim me. His son is my age and we have mutual friends. He added me on fb and Messaged me I didn’t know how to tell him I used to talk to his dad. He’s really sweet and always asks me if I’m mad at him if I don’t respond I just feel weird because that’s his son. You know. He keeps asking me when can he see me and that he’s interested in me. To be honest I should have talked to him in the beginning and not his dad I had the chance but I messaged his dad years ago and we started talking. I don’t want to see his son and him get feelings for me because I don’t think he would continue talking to me if he knows I slept with his dad right? Or would it be ok since I was never in a relationship with his dad? I think his dad would hate me and be pretty pissed.
Is it wrong to date his son?
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