Why do people like short girls?

I'm 5'2 and I genuinely dont understand why so many men like short girls. Men definitely have a lot more pressure when it comes to height but I was a tall kid for my age up until 13. After that I realised everyone was starting to become taller than me. It sucks and I hate being short. I wish I was around 5'6 or 5'7.

I still hate being short because it is some what new to me considering I wasn't always the "Short girl" in childhood pics I always look older than my actual age just because of the tall height I had, an
d when I see guys talk about how they love short girls ESPECIALLY the guys over 6 foot. It baffles me. Like why? I would never date a guy 6foot or over because they make me feel like a child next to them and standing next to someone that tall reminds me of my own insecurity with my height. The tallest I would go for is 5'10.

Anyway I'm not having a go at men for liking short women I know there are plenty of men who find tall women more attractive. Short guys dont really have a choice. They have to go for short girls. But I'm speaking to those guys 6 foot and over. Why?
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Thanks for answering everyone. I really appreciate the intelligent well thought out responses I have received so far
Why do people like short girls?
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