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Do I listen to her or listen to myself?

Right now, I live with an older lady who has known me for years. I help take care of her. This older lady is very traditional. Almost every Friday, my boyfriend comes over to hangout with me. Usually we just watch a movie in my room. The lady I live with says that she does not care my boyfriend/she does not think he is right for me. She thinks that I will not be happy in the long run. She says she does not like the way he talks to me and she says he looks at me like I am stupid. She says he thinks he is smarter than me, which I do see that part. He is known for joking around with me because that is what we do so I don't take things to heart much. He never really says anything hurtful to me. She takes his jokes at something more serious I think. I don't know if she realizes that he is only kidding. I don't think she even likes when he kids around. Sometimes he makes funny or weird faces at me just to be funny and I think she takes it as he's looking at me like I am stupid. Sometimes he does act like I am stupid, but I get on him about that because it makes me feel bad. I love him and he does compliment me/appreciates me when it is just us or through text and so she does not see behind the scenes when he does that. He respects me and everything. He's never cheated or anything. I've been his only girlfriend. The older lady thinks that I am putting up with his "crap" , which sometimes yes, but no relationship is perfect. It is hard to find guys who don't want you for just sex. So do I listen to her in the fact that he is not right for me or do I listen to myself and love him? I just feel like she does not understand relationships now since she is so traditional. I also feel like she does not understand when we joke around because she is older. I don't think she likes when people joke around.
Do I listen to her or listen to myself?
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