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Should I date this guy that I'm not really into?

Met this guy (m20) on tinder whose a year older than me (f19) and he wanted to take me on a date. We didn't really have that much chemistry, we're both pretty quiet, but he seems nice and respectful. He paid for the date and drove which was also nice. Now here's the part where I'm going to sound superficial: he wants to keep taking me out on dates but I don't really see a future for us. I mean I'm bored so I don't have anything against hanging out with him but I can tell he actually wants a relationship. But we live an hour apart and he lives in a small town rural and "poor" community. Also, I'm currently in university and want to be a doctor but he didn't go to college and is working at a car dealership (he eventually wants to be a salesman). He also told me that he smokes weed everyday (I don't smoke and I don't personally have a problem with it but my parents are very anti-marijuana and I would never want to introduce them to him). I'm obviously being too judgmental so I wanted an outside opinion. Are these "problems" actually problems and would I be wasting his time if I dated him knowing it would never work?
Should I date this guy that I'm not really into?
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