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Should I Ask Him To Be My Boyfriend?

I've been dating this guy for four months now and I really like him! About 3 months into us dating he asked me to be his girlfriend but I wasn't ready yet so I told him I wanted to wait longer. I brought him home to meet the family a week ago and now I think I'm ready (but still terrified). I also sense his growing concern about my intentions since we have been exclusively dating for a while but are not yet in an official relationship.
Anyways winter break is only one week away and I was wondering if I should ask him before break? If so how? Should I make it cute? Should I make it funny? Should I just casually start calling him my boyfriend and see if he catches on?
Or should I wait until after winter break (January)?
Also give me your best ideas? Guys, how would you want a girl to ask you out?
Should I Ask Him To Be My Boyfriend?
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