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What did I say to make him mad?

So last month I got out of a relationship. we broke up due to distance. After a few days I told him I missed him and he said it too and he asked “what do you want us to be? and I told him I wanted to make it work. he kept saying I don't know then he said that maybe if I had a CAR then it would. We have met up since and kissed ( he gave me a hickey ) after I told him a guy invited me out and he seemed kinda jealous. We were gonna be friends with benefits but I only agreed bc I wanted him in my life but I told him I didn’t want sex bc I still had feelings and he said he understood. Last month I texted him that “I missed his d” and he was like “I thought we decided that wasn’t what we wanted lol” and I told him I didn’t want sex but other things. And he didn’t answer. he sees all my Sc’s and we live in the same city. My parents got me a car and he saw which is kinda why we broke up. I sent a happy Thanksgiving streak and he opened it. Later that day he texted happy Thanksgiving which was random. We talked and he asked about the car and asked to hangout. I told him a guy at the club asked me out and I blocked him because he smoked and he was like “lmao damn that’s ruthless” and I was like “yeah I don’t wanna smell weed every time we kiss” and then he was like “did I smell good when we kissed” And he said I did too. Also we’ve been texting for a week and he’ll try to keep the convo going. last night he told me he didn’t want to go back to the relationship and wanted something casual. I just don’t want sex. I feel like we’re back at square one. I told him I wanted respect and he said “you already know I do, have I disrespected you?” and I was like “I can only go by what you say at this point” and he was like “mmm ok” and I was like “what does that mean?” and he opened it and didn’t answer I told him I was gonna see other guys and not just him and how I didn’t have feelings for him anymore ( I lied ) but I don't know if that was what set him off. Pls help?
What did I say to make him mad?
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