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Should I go for it or lay off?

I feel alone, and am also depressed. Which is making me think about my ex more and more. Which was so toxic by the way. What should I do? Go for it, knowing quite well that it will end badly. Hurt me. Or lay off?
I am craving physical intimacy too, been 6,7 months without any sort of action, and the ones I had, with my partner was not fulfilling either. But physical intimacy with my ex was always fulfilling, he knew how to please.
So is it my libido making me want to make bad choices? Or what. What should I do, cause I do not know how to start a relationship, or friendship even. Which would help me with this feeling of loneliness and save me from making bad life choices by thinking of going back to my ex. Which was a toxic relationship.
Should I go for it or lay off?
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