Why would he go out with her?

There is this guy at school who I think 'fancys' me but he doent know that I know. This has been happening for about 4 months now and just today I found out that he is going out with anouther girl. They have always been good friends but I didn't think that they would go down that road. (meterforicly speaking of course) Please tell me if I'm wrong and he's going out with her because he loves her or if it involves me in any way and he's trying to make me jealous or something?


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  • wow...this is like the exact thing that happened to me..sucks big time. .. it worked out well for me tho, because he does like me, she's just the type not to accept its over. x maybe a little bit more info on what makes you think he liked you.

    • He always stares at me and his friends are acting weird around me. I am very shy and so I won't be able to ask him if he does. We have only talked once or twice and about 6 or 7 months ago he used to make fun of me but now he doesnt. He is very outgoing but he seems to be shy around me.

    • i think you were right to think he likes you, that's generally the signs a guy likes a girl :) . maybe he just didn't feel you felt the same, or if your both shy around each other , that it wouldn't happen anyway . xx and this friend he;s now dating ..maybe she 'fessed she liked him , and he's just trying to see if it works.. ya never know they may decide they were better of really good friends.

  • not everything involves you. he doesn't like you, he never had, it was all in your head