Have not received a text back from girl - would a girl send a text back based on my msg?

OK, just want a second opinion on this matter. I met a girl at a bar, talked to her for a bit and then asked her for her number. The next day I texted her saying that it was good to meet her and that I would call her later that week.

It has been about 2 days and she has not replied back - worse case scenario, I entered the wrong number. Otherwise, would this girl be waiting for my phone call, or would she have texted me back if she was interested. Thanks!


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  • If I was interested in the guy that I met at a bar and he texted me what you said, I'd at least text back saying "It was nice meeting you too!"

    If she hasn't replied, most likely you're not really on her mind... but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to give her a call. Call me old fashioned, but I appreciate phone calls A LOT more than texts :)

    • Hey - thanks for the advice!

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  • Whatever you are doing right now, stop it, and go call her.

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