Recover from bad second kiss?

i took a girl on a date, kissed her at the end, it went great. she texted me back and fourth all the next week, she got drunk on st patty's day and texted me she liked me, called me sexy, etc. we went out again this weekend. I was tired as hell and was not my best self. kissed her at the end and it wasn't any more than our first kiss. since then she has been texting a lot less. I happened to search her on twitter just now and there was a tweet from Friday night, right after our date, about how she hates bad kissers! needless to say I did not add her to my twitter after seeing that haha. doesn't feel very good to be me right now lol...

but seriously, there wasn't even any tongue, how bad could it have been? there wasn't any slobber, I put my hand on her hip but not her butt or anything. no smacking, no biting. I don't think I'm a great kisser, but I thought I knew what not to do. the only thing that may have happened is I *might* have opened my eyes for like 2 seconds to check something. didn't think she noticed. And it's BS if she is criticizing me for that because she obviously took a peek too!

3 part question -

1) Ladies, do you think the error of my kissing was the eye-opening? is this really a deal breaker? Keep in mind we kissed once before this and she was crazy into me after.

2) What are the most common kissing mistakes besides crazy slobber, grabbing, and tongue and all that? What do I know, maybe my error was something other than the open eyes.

3) What do I do to get another chance? In spite of the bad text, she did text me good night that night. It's just that she was texting me a lot last week, not so much any more. She responds to my texts still but it is not the kind of response that facilitates conversation. stark contrast from after our first date. I can't hang out til the weekend because of work so I'm thinking cool it on the texts and go old school... give her a phone call on friday, get her out this weekend and then pay extra careful attn to the kiss. I gotta get another chance!

PS playing hard to get works girls. although I knew this girl was awesome from the first date, for some reason I was a bit distant when she was texting me constantly. I want her so much more now that she is ignoring me...
Or maybe the problem was that I didn't slip any tongue...?


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  • 1 - this one boyfriend I had would have his eyes semi open while we kissed, but his eyes were rolled back, I accidentally opened my eyes one time and it creeeeeeeped me out a LOT. but I don't think you have that problem, and I wouldn't mind if a guy was to peek while we were kissing

    try and slip her a little bit of tongue next time, gently, and see if she's into it. only if you're in a secluded spot though.

    2 - another boyfriend I had would talk a lotttt, and when he talked a lot, he'd get slobber at the sides of his mouth and it would be like white goo and it was disgusting. needless to say I kissed him only once. so make sure you are goo-less

    3 - she might just be busier this week compared to last. send her a text saying hi, and tell her you had a good time last time and would like to see her again. or call her, I like that idea a lot :)

    • i can say with absolute certainty that I am goo-less. it is just driving me crazy why she tweeted that!

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  • I was going to answer, but I got distracted by "St. Patty"

    A patty is a burger shaped lump of meat. It's Paddy, not Patty.


    • i doubt there is a right or wrong way to do it, but Patrick has a T so I put Patty.

    • Take it from an Irish man. You're wrong.

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