She didn't text me? This makes no sense to me!!

OK so I talked to this girl for a month we text everyday. one day the topic came up she told me she had a crush on me jokingly then I told her I liked her and she told me she likes me too,we talk then she randomly sends a photo of her in her underwear, we keep talking all night and at school,i ask her out but she says she wants to get to know me better, then spring break came along and she didn't text or call or anything, I tried calling and texting but never got a reply. but I posted some quotes about "love" and she liked them and she had statuses from her phone, but she didn't text me? I posted this once but I just wanted to get some sort of answer


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  • well your right it makes no since! but if a girl sends you a picture of her in her underwear I'm pretty positive she likes you lmao so just give it some time and talk to her at school and see if her feelings changed or she was just super busy over spring break... but usually when girls send pictures like that they usually feel like they degraded themselves afterwards... and so they stop talking to you for a little while because she may just feel ashamed and that may be the problem... so just give it time and when you see her just talk to her about it

    • now it makes sense ha ha I can see that because she is kinda shy around me

    • well I hope I helped lmao

    • you did thanks a lot hahaha

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  • Well to be honest, some girls just like the attention and aren't looking for anything for than the fact that You think she is hott and You can brag to your friends abt this, making her popular amoung the boys. She obviously isn't interested and maybe is talking to the guy that she really likes and was tring to get the attention of this whole time. You can do better! Try for someone who actually respects herself enough to not send you a picture like that cause that's so not classy if you ask me.

    • well I'm not that kinda guy to show it off and she knows it .. she tells me she's really nervous and gets butterflies around me but idk

  • dude spring break she was probably busy id just chill if I was you before you scare her off


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