What does it mean when a guy texts you least and less every day!!! What do I do?

Okay well I been talking to this guy for like 1 month an like 1 week and he has been talking to me so much that he made me fall for him like he calls me babe georges Chiquita Hun and stuff like that but like for like for two day he has barely text me you can say like it was 5 text the hole day but on Saturday he still called me babe so what do I do.. Does he not want to talk to me cause like I only text him when I'm home ir what can someone help me he haves me heartbroken or I don't now like I don't now what to do should I just stop texting him and move on...Help Please!


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  • he's probably tired of texting I think it's time to move up

    • aha thanks I did and then he wanted me back but it was too late

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