Lack of response = not interested?

So out of desperation, I've been trying the whole online dating thing. I started chatting with a guy through messages and he mentioned getting coffee, and gave me his number. I gave him my number in return, and then didn't hear from him. I messaged him casually through the website to start the convo again, and we talked some more, and I asked if he was still interested in getting coffee, to which he said "yes, of course" and I told him I'm really free this week and to just tell me what works for him and he said "Will do =)"...and I haven't heard anything since (that was like 2 days ago). I dunno, I feel like an idiot asking him when's good for him again...should I just assume that he was just being nice and he doesn't really want to meet up? My friend said to be like "hey, I'm gonna be in town on Wednesday and I'll have time to kill, wanna meet up then?", but I feel like that seems so desperate...


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  • One thing about online dating is that he's talking to dozens of women-or more-so don't be surprised if he doesn't reply. All it means is that he doesn't have time! Maybe he'll get around to you after a while.

    You're right, contacting him makes you sound a little desperate. Do like him and talk to a few dozen other guys while you wait for him to answer.


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  • I'd like to meet up with ya =)


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  • There are two possibilities.

    1) He's either not free yet and waiting for an opening in his schedule before he contacts you,

    2) or he is not interested in getting coffee with you. He is just trying to ignore you until you give up and move on. The best trick to find out if he still wants to go to coffee with you, is try what your friend said. Say when your gonna be in tow, and see if he's willing to meet up then. If you try this for a bunch of different dates, and he is never free, then it is time to move on. He is not interested in going.

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