What does it mean if a girl asks if you have ever dated in hs or are dating now in college?

OK, so I'm almost 21, never dated, never kissed, never had a girlfriend and waiting till I'm married to have sex. So, I've been flirting with this girl for a couple of months and I've told her I like her but she wants to just be friends because of our age difference, she is almost 18, so she texted me asking if I have ever dated in hs, and if I've dated so far in college, I haven't so I told her that, and she texted back "that's crazy well not crazy but I don't know lol but its good" I asked "why?" and she said "I've just never met someone who's willing to wait like that, but its good your not just settling" So, do you think she is interested, but is just waiting till she graduates hs? Or was it just a random question?


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  • if she is asking if you are dating someone, either she could just be curious or interested


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