Is she his rebound chick, or is it for good?

My ex and I dated for a year

and things began to go down past few months

a lot of back and forth

and being mad at each other for smallest things

hes I the army so I don't get to see him a lot

and he waited to sleep with me for months

and we finally did it

but it didn't help out our problems..

we talk sometimes now

but each time I talk to him

he mentions his girl (friend) and how he has been at his place?

is it to make me mad or is she a rebound girl, or are they dating :S

i never did him anything bad

it was mostly the long distance that held us apart, but now he has someone else :(

and he also mentioned her

and than 10 min later

showed up at my work


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  • He probably doesn't think it hurts you and don't mind.Just let him know that your tired of hearing about her.


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  • that girl is like you a fling to get it in sadly. both you mean nothing to him other then a piece of ... its the truth it hurts >.< he's military. 80% of mili guys are unfaithful period

    • well I know it sounds like that

      but we dated for a year

      and I did get to see him because he was 2 hours away

      and he is a faithful person so I don't see why he is this way now

What Girls Said 1

  • He probably got sick of the distance. Couldn't take it anymore, got bored with it, whatever.

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