I caught my boyfriend on tinder, he says it doesn't mean anything... should I believe him?

Sooo... some time ago my boyfriend and I went on a date. I left my phone at home and when I borrowed his, a notification from tinder popped up "you got a match". I wanted to confront him later, but my emotions just took over and I asked him right there in the restaurant about it. He told me that in his shift at the hospital he was bored and swiped a bit, without any intentions to find someone. In fact he couldn't understand my bewilderment. I said I wanted to go home and think and that we could meet up in the evening. So when we met later on, he told me he was writing some girl that night, who wanted to work at the same hospital and wanted to get some info about it. He said it got flirty and he then told her he got a girlfriend. At that point I asked to see the conversation and he said that he got angry with himself and had deleted everything. I told him that it‘s super suspicious. He said that he didn‘t have to tell me everything, so it‘s a sign that he‘s honest with me. He said he didn‘t know it would be such a big deal. That he never had a longtime girlfriend before etc. This was 1 month before I had to move away for work and I never quite solved the issue. The work took all my time up and it was tough time, where he supported me a lot. We continued the relationship. But the trust has somewhat gone. Whenever I take his phone, I never snoop around, but I think that‘s partly because I‘m afraid that I would find more if I did. He is a sweet and chaotic guy. That being said, my time working away is up and I am about to move back - back in with him. But I am just not sure, I should continue the relationship or move in with him. Overall he has disappointed me a fair share and also been great a fair share. But the disappointments up until then where small things. He seemed honest to me, but now I question whether his whole story is true. Maybe he deleted everything so he could tell me whatever. What would you guys do in my position?
I caught my boyfriend on tinder, he says it doesn't mean anything... should I believe him?
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