Women, would you date a guy who makes less than you?

Many professional woman often exclaim that their dating pool is limited mainly because there aren't many guys in her league that are worth her time.

I'm not judging your preferences or deal breakers, but I would like to understand the selection process. with a recession on the horizon and as a man in his 20's getting my career started and having low mate value, I'm just scared I won't be absl to recover and attract women.

I want to see if allocating my time now to being as wealthy as possible would be better than spending time trying to learn talk to and meet women. Many of those interactions would be pointless if I'm making less and it turns out she doesn't date me. Who make less.

I know it's not the money but the drive and success that's attractive, but I don't have much time to gather this sort of status and accolades if I want to be able to date in my young 20's
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Women, would you date a guy who makes less than you?
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