First date, am I ever going to hear back from this guy again?

He took me out to dinner, we had a really good time, we laughed and bonded over similar interests and experiences. He told me what a good time he was having and even suggested getting together the next day, so I told him to call me to see if we could work something out.

he didn't call me at all the next day, but in the evening texted me apologizing for not calling because he had been sick.

I told him to call me when he felt better and maybe we could hang out. all he said was "of course."

it's been about two days...should I just forget this guy?


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  • Nah.. I think it's still too early to forget him. I'd say give him a week. If he doesn't get in touch with you in the next week chances are he's not that interested. Give it a chance but don't hold your breath for too long!

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