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My boyfriend is on Tinder. Help?

So today I discovered that my boyfriend is on Tinder. I saw the app on his phone by accident when he was looking through his apps. I thought I didn't see right but then I looked again and saw it! So right after I made a fake tinder account just to see if he has a profile and what it says. Of course after a few min I found him. He has 3 pics, just his name, age and his snapchat name. That's all. I was so devastated and hurt that shortly after that I packed some of my stuff and left. He saw that something was wrong and tried to make me laugh and was trying to be cute but I could't look at him in that moment.

I haven't told him yet that I know, I figured I need to calm down first and then I will confront him. I took screenshots for proof. How would you confront him about this? Im so scared. What do you think in general? is this cheating to you already?
My boyfriend is on Tinder. Help?
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