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Just curious, opinions on this situation (it's a long read lol)?

a few months ago this guy really liked me, I was his type, I just thought of him as a friend and didn't really know him either. After 2 weeks, decided to give him a chance. We live in different cities. Never dated, just talking to each other and met up 2 times. Never met up alone, he was hanging out with my friend group. He seemed really invested in the relationship. First week, he bought me a necklace that had "I love you" in 100 languages. Asked to kiss but I turned him down. End of week he was throwing "I love you" around
Our definition of love was different, I'm more independent, I like being alone, and I'm not into "emotional" or "lovey" stuff. He wanted to be lovey dovey, like one of those "cute" couples. Any contact was really his initiative cause I didn't really care about it. He was becoming clingy and I didn't like that. The bit that I liked him decreased more as we talked. Started feeling uncomfortable with him a bit, realized how weird he was sometimes. Big problem was around the 3rd week, he would message my friends to ask them about me if we had any minor problems. Got really annoying for me.
Eventually broke it off. He got real desperate, sent him a long message, said he understood. Next day he asked for another chance again. Stopped contacting him after that. Now we started messaging again, thought he was over me. But just learned today, he asked 2 of my friends for my address for English class for someone who influenced his life. BUT he never asked me for my address, he only asked my friends. Like bruh ๐Ÿ˜ถ messaged him about it, blocked and unfriended him.
What do you think about him? Should I have blocked him earlier?(didn't cause felt it'd be mean lol, still wanted to be on good terms) Do you think the English project was real?(idk what he needed the address for, my guess is to send a letter but then he could've just texted or email me) Or was I just being too cold? Knew him for 5 weeks max. Still think he's a good guy, just doesn't know boundaries
Just curious, opinions on this situation (it's a long read lol)?
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