Why do girls like to text more than chat on the phone?

The girl I've been talking to of late likes to text more than talk on the on phone. Why is that? Is she a little too shy or is this a way for her to hide some of her feelings for me?

When I do text her she responds within a couple of minutes which is a good sign but I have to text her first or else I may never hear from her. I can't recall a time when she text me out of the blue.

I asked her out for this weekend & she agreed to go out with me but that text conversation was last Thursday. I texted her last night to see how her weekend went & I didn't get a response. I was quite mystified when I did not get a response. Should I wait for her to text me or should I wait another day & text her again?


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  • I can see the upside to texting : You get to keep records of sweet/romantic/suggestive things you send each other. You can busy yourself doing other things while at the same time talking to your significant other. You can take time to respond. Each conversation is "perfect" in the sense that you had enough time to think of the best response for each text.

    Phone conversations are more intimate, you hear their voice, their laughter, and its more real, but that comes with awkward silences, full attention and guys really don't like to chat and chat about their day.

    I'm all for texting and calling to set up a date and meet face to face. If you can't see each other more than 2 times a week, I can understand calling more to keep in touch.


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  • well.. I think text is better than chat because is more romantic.. what I mean is when you are talking by the phone everything seems so normal but when you are texting you get so nervous for the answer of the other person and I get so excited when that person texts me! I think it makes the conversation more interesting! and is better because you have more time to think about your answer!


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  • It really depends on the girl if anything, though most girls my age, who have their phones at all time, I think they might prefer texting over calling.

    The ones that do, because

    -less nerve wracking

    -convenient and faster

    -keeping records of text messages

  • Talk face to face. Texting is rather pointless.