How Much DO You Call Or Text A Girl?

I've been going out with someone here & there but we haven't actually had a real date. She likes to text more than talk on the phone & I'm always the one who has to start the text conversation. She responds quickly to my texts but for some odd reason she didn't answer my text from yesterday. Is it right for a guy to text her in a couple of days or should I wait till she texts first? She agreed to go out with me this Saturday so I don't want to wait too long right?

I don't want her to think I'm needy & desperate so I try not to text every single day. Ladies do you agree with me? If a guy texts or calls everyday doesn't it seem like he's almost stalking you?


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  • if she agreed to going out saturday, don't text her until you confirm the date with her on friday. texting is good, it reassures her that you're interested, but don't come off as toooo available.

  • I wouldn't say daily texts are like stalking at all. I would say she quite likes you if she is waiting on you to initiate the texts! Why do you not try not replying to a text that she maybe sends at night and then send one the following morning, that way you can keep the texting going?


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