He texts me, ask me what am I doing?

I haven't replied in few days. Ya he did wrong. But a call or something would be nice. He saw my MySpace status and later on that day he text. I just still want him.


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  • So you want him... but your ignoring him. Good luck with that.

    • hes not working..it

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    • well if he cared or some what he would've called or something you know. But I'm a girl. Girls like it when guys fight over them but I kinda want that from him if he just talks to me and sh*t I will consider it. And other thing I'm afraid he gave up already. Been 4 days. Yes I wanna talk to him. But my brain and hands are not letting me. Tug o war!

    • Yea, he has likely given up. You should just throw him a text. Personally if a girl never initiates a conversation with me... I stop and see if she will do it.

  • so what?


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