Asked girl's dad if I could take her to prom?

OK so I'm going to prom and I asked the girls dad if I could take her and he said. Like I wasn't excepting that and I have no idea what to do now I mean I still want to go with her. Should I just ask anyways?


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  • I am assuming he said "no," because if he didn't there would be no question that you should ask her. However, now that he said that you should respect it. And if you really like her then I wouldn't ask anyone else because it could come across as offensive. Perhaps you should talk to her father again and ask how he would be okay with it. Say you will honor his daughter and not have sex with her and you will bring her right home after prom. Also say that you respect him and his daughter and you won't go against any conditions of his.

    Seriously, if you want to go with her, get the dad on your side. If you show you are a respectable person to her father, her father will be more likely to allow you to take her.

    Is this your senior prom? If it's not, you can always try next year, too.

  • What did the dad say?


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